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We are very proud to be a Tennessee family farm! By Tennessee standards, we are a young farm having been established in 2001, but quickly finding our niche in the livestock and equine industry. Our farm is the result of a rich Tennessee tradition of diverse agriculture that includes carefully cultivated hay for our livestock and and some sold to other farms, our grass fed beef, to our prized & registered Katahdin meat sheep sold to build the flocks of this growing industry. Katahdin sheep are known for shedding their winter coat in the spring and never need shearing. More information can be found on our sheep page and the photo gallery.  


In addition to our cattle and sheep, we have one of the finest horse boarding facilities in the Middle Tennessee area. With Rutherford County being one of the fastest growing counties in Tennessee, horse enthusiasts are finding it more difficult to find a place to board and ride their horses.

Between seminars given by horse professionals, western and English training and instruction (from beginner to intermediate), we provide every opportunity to learn and have fun with the equine members of your family! We hope you will join us!!